Graham, Young County, Texas



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Black, Gladys Elizabeth  24 Jul 1918Graham, Young County, Texas I11193
2 Bowron, Edna Carolyn  2 May 1905Graham, Young County, Texas I29452
3 Bowron, Frances Howard Jr  21 Apr 1909Graham, Young County, Texas I29457
4 Bowron, James Alden  13 Sep 1907Graham, Young County, Texas I11234
5 Bowron, Ralph Vaughan  24 Jun 1912Graham, Young County, Texas I18412
6 Bowron, Ruth Elizabeth  20 May 1914Graham, Young County, Texas I29453
7 Casburn, Alice Louise  2 Jun 1913Graham, Young County, Texas I11102
8 Casburn, Claud Edward  20 Oct 1909Graham, Young County, Texas I11098
9 Casburn, Frances Joyce  4 Apr 1921Graham, Young County, Texas I11192
10 Casburn, John Edward Sr  28 Jun 1915Graham, Young County, Texas I11190
11 Casburn, Johnnie Lee Suvella  30 Aug 1906Graham, Young County, Texas I11097
12 Casburn, Josephine Elizabeth  7 Nov 1912Graham, Young County, Texas I11191
13 Casburn, Judy Louise  13 May 1939Graham, Young County, Texas I1949
14 Casburn, Loretta Suzanne  28 Sep 1920Graham, Young County, Texas I11243
15 Casburn, Nelle Alva  8 Apr 1905Graham, Young County, Texas I11096
16 Casburn, Norma Jean  3 Sep 1921Graham, Young County, Texas I11105
17 Casburn, Patricia Ruth  8 Mar 1908Graham, Young County, Texas I11099
18 Casburn, Richard Wendell  11 Jul 1924Graham, Young County, Texas I11106
19 Casburn, William Robert  26 Oct 1915Graham, Young County, Texas I1947
20 Casburn, Worth  15 Jan 1914Graham, Young County, Texas I11236
21 Goode, Marquetta Louise  29 Jul 1933Graham, Young County, Texas I11130
22 Goodson, Darrell Keith  21 Aug 1954Graham, Young County, Texas I60917
23 Goodson, Stanley Joe  30 Aug 1950Graham, Young County, Texas I60916
24 Reedy, Cordelia Renee  31 Jan 1940Graham, Young County, Texas I11136
25 Smith, Alma Frances  27 May 1909Graham, Young County, Texas I11200
26 Smith, George Casburn  17 Apr 1923Graham, Young County, Texas I11204
27 Smith, Sherrie Lynn  3 Jul 1950Graham, Young County, Texas I12016
28 Vaughan, Carolyn  19 Aug 1919Graham, Young County, Texas I21466
29 Vaughan, Dorothy Lenore  29 Jul 1906Graham, Young County, Texas I32807
30 Vaughan, John Clements Jr  2 Dec 1908Graham, Young County, Texas I37583
31 Vaughan, Margaret Ann  5 Jun 1910Graham, Young County, Texas I37582
32 Vaughan, Terrell Justice  8 Jul 1913Graham, Young County, Texas I21464


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Casburn, Alice Louise  8 Jan 1996Graham, Young County, Texas I11102
2 Casburn, Amy B  5 Jun 1898Graham, Young County, Texas I11111
3 Casburn, Archie Bruce  25 Oct 1975Graham, Young County, Texas I11110
4 Casburn, Caroline Washington  2 Jan 1925Graham, Young County, Texas I11119
5 Casburn, Carrie  23 Sep 1901Graham, Young County, Texas I11112
6 Casburn, Claud Edward  25 Dec 1950Graham, Young County, Texas I11098
7 Casburn, John Clements  26 Nov 1933Graham, Young County, Texas I11116
8 Casburn, Norma Jean  3 Nov 2002Graham, Young County, Texas I11105
9 Casburn, Randolph  2 Apr 1994Graham, Young County, Texas I11115
10 Casburn, Ruth Ella  8 May 1927Graham, Young County, Texas I11109
11 Casburn, Worth  22 Jan 1914Graham, Young County, Texas I11236
12 Chesnut, Hadley Harold  29 Jul 1986Graham, Young County, Texas I11784
13 Crow, Avery Udell  29 May 1993Graham, Young County, Texas I11783
14 Fields, Irene Avery  11 Dec 1987Graham, Young County, Texas I11189
15 Goode, Clarence Allen  25 Dec 1948Graham, Young County, Texas I11128
16 Goodson, Darrell Keith  14 Nov 1954Graham, Young County, Texas I60917
17 Goodson, Stanley Joe  8 Dec 1962Graham, Young County, Texas I60916
18 Lisle, John Jefferson  11 Apr 1948Graham, Young County, Texas I60904
19 Ragland, Nannie T  9 Dec 1969Graham, Young County, Texas I11188
20 Randolph, Johnie Ella  10 Jun 1947Graham, Young County, Texas I11094
21 Ratliff, Olive Cordia  19 Nov 1982Graham, Young County, Texas I11095
22 Reedy, Cordelia Renee  27 Oct 2002Graham, Young County, Texas I11136
23 Shahan, Clara Aline  26 Jul 2008Graham, Young County, Texas I11305
24 Sims, Roy Thomas  16 Dec 1999Graham, Young County, Texas I11100
25 Smith, Albert Oscar  14 May 1943Graham, Young County, Texas I11199
26 Smith, Nina Irene  4 Aug 1996Graham, Young County, Texas I11201
27 Smith, Sherrie Lynn  23 Dec 1950Graham, Young County, Texas I12016
28 Smith, Willard Oscar  31 Jan 2009Graham, Young County, Texas I11206
29 Terrell, Stella Aleene  29 Nov 1996Graham, Young County, Texas I11113
30 Vaughan, James T  4 Feb 1961Graham, Young County, Texas I11123
31 Vaughan, Joseph Lawson  16 Feb 1919Graham, Young County, Texas I11122


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bowron, Frances Howard Sr  Sep 1962Graham, Young County, Texas I11233
2 Casburn, Alice Louise  10 Jan 1996Graham, Young County, Texas I11102
3 Casburn, Alta B  Feb 1974Graham, Young County, Texas I11108
4 Casburn, Amy B  Jun 1898Graham, Young County, Texas I11111
5 Casburn, Archie Bruce  Oct 1975Graham, Young County, Texas I11110
6 Casburn, Carrie  Sep 1901Graham, Young County, Texas I11112
7 Casburn, Claud Edward  28 Dec 1950Graham, Young County, Texas I11098
8 Casburn, John Clements  Nov 1933Graham, Young County, Texas I11116
9 Casburn, Nelle Alva  29 May 1968Graham, Young County, Texas I11096
10 Casburn, Norma Jean  5 Nov 2002Graham, Young County, Texas I11105
11 Casburn, Randolph  Apr 1994Graham, Young County, Texas I11115
12 Casburn, Robert Edward Sr  10 May 1938Graham, Young County, Texas I11107
13 Casburn, Ruth Ella  May 1927Graham, Young County, Texas I11109
14 Casburn, William Robert  5 Jan 2001Graham, Young County, Texas I1947
15 Casburn, Worth  Jan 1914Graham, Young County, Texas I11236
16 Chesnut, Hadley Harold  Jul 1986Graham, Young County, Texas I11784
17 Goode, Clarence Allen  Dec 1948Graham, Young County, Texas I11128
18 Goode, Marquetta Louise  Oct 1970Graham, Young County, Texas I11130
19 Lisle, Juanita Inez  Feb 1984Graham, Young County, Texas I60906
20 Ragland, Nannie T  Dec 1969Graham, Young County, Texas I11188
21 Randolph, Johnie Ella  Jun 1947Graham, Young County, Texas I11094
22 Ratliff, Olive Cordia  Nov 1982Graham, Young County, Texas I11095
23 Reedy, Cordelia Renee  29 Oct 2002Graham, Young County, Texas I11136
24 Reedy, Joseph Jacob  2 Nov 1987Graham, Young County, Texas I11135
25 Reynolds, Patrick Cleburne  Mar 1950Graham, Young County, Texas I11207
26 Sims, Roy Thomas  18 Dec 1999Graham, Young County, Texas I11100
27 Slay, Bessie Pearl  8 Nov 2009Graham, Young County, Texas I515
28 Smith, Albert Oscar  May 1943Graham, Young County, Texas I11199
29 Smith, Nina Irene  Aug 1996Graham, Young County, Texas I11201
30 Smith, Sherrie Lynn  24 Dec 1950Graham, Young County, Texas I12016
31 Smith, Willard Kay  6 Aug 2017Graham, Young County, Texas I11304
32 Smith, Willard Oscar  3 Feb 2009Graham, Young County, Texas I11206
33 Terrell, Stella Aleene  Dec 1996Graham, Young County, Texas I11113
34 Vaughan, Leila Caroline  Oct 1958Graham, Young County, Texas I11232


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bowron / Key  Jul 1936Graham, Young County, Texas F5347
2 Bowron / Vaughan  11 Jul 1901Graham, Young County, Texas F5345
3 Casburn / Black  1937Graham, Young County, Texas F5320
4 Casburn / Fields  11 Oct 1970Graham, Young County, Texas F5254
5 Casburn / Ragland  19 Oct 1907Graham, Young County, Texas F5253
6 Casburn / Randolph  6 Sep 1881Graham, Young County, Texas F5231
7 Casburn / Ratliff  5 Jun 1904Graham, Young County, Texas F1295
8 Gilmore / Fields  1 Jan 1941Graham, Young County, Texas F5319
9 Hunter / Casburn  21 Jul 1934Graham, Young County, Texas F5321
10 Reynolds / Casburn  3 Dec 1910Graham, Young County, Texas F5250
11 Sims / Casburn  22 Sep 1932Graham, Young County, Texas F5239
12 Smith / Casburn  28 Jul 1908Graham, Young County, Texas F5252
13 Smith / Iles  1940Graham, Young County, Texas F5328
14 Smith / Shahan  17 Mar 1940Graham, Young County, Texas F5332