The 'Texas' Brown Family Homepage!

This site contains genealogy information and photos on several branches of our family. We have compiled this information over the last 30 years and we would like to thank everyone who contributed photos, documents and family histories. All the family information, to the best of our knowledge, is accurate but not all facts have been verified. If you find any error please let us know and we will be glad to make the corrections.

We are really excited about a new Casburn, Brown and Slay Family project to use DNA testing to veify linkages between various family branches. Almost a dozen people have contributed DNA and the results have enabled us to resolve several family origin and linkage issues. If you would like to participate or get more information on this project please contact us using the link at the top of the page.

Help Wanted On Unidentified Photos! Please visit our Unidentified Photos page. You might be the one who can identify the people in these old family photos.

Please click on the appropriate surname links below to see detailed information on each branch of the family.

Casburn Family Genealogy

Slay Family Genealogy

Brown Family Genealogy

Site Updates

3/05/2016 - We will be completing a major upgrade to the Genealogy page viewing software within the next week but the Genealogy Data update is still being worked. We hope to have Genealogy Data update completed by May 1st. Many new photos, documents and individuals are being added to the site. As always we want to thank everyone for contributing the information that makes this site possible.

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